Infinitesimal – wall drawings

La Vie en Rond, H17, Brussels, 2008
Auxesis, Tactile Bosch, Cardiff 2009

“Our perception of depth is the product of complicated circuitry in the brain…but it does not mean that there aren’t real trees and cliffs out there, or that the world is as flat as a pancake.”
Stephen Pinker, The Blank Slate, 2003

This wall drawing has been exhibited twice in different formats. In 2009 several thousand 40mm dots were arranged on a 100mm grid covering the wall through which the stairs emerge into the upstairs space of Tactile Bosch Gallery, Cardiff, UK. This strict geometric arrangement is occasionally interrupted by the insertion of an extra dot that pushes the immediately surrounding dots aside or a missing dot which pulls the immediately surrounding dots into toward the empty space. The viewer is confronted with a swirling universe of infinite perceptual possibilities. The slight imperfections in the grid send optical ripples over walls ceiling and floor, undermining the solidity of the architecture and inducing a vertigo and perceptual confusion in the viewer.

This grid of dots is based partly on the illustrations of crystal lattices found in a science textbook. These lattices are invariably contaminated with missing or extra molecules that disrupt the perfection of the grid. At the molecular scale there is no solidity, no ‘thing’ just atoms vibrating about their loci attracted and repelled by fundamental forces of nature. The idea for this installation comes out of my interest in how we see the world, how we negotiate our surroundings and how we believe what we see. The imperfections come out of the idea that that there is nothing perfect in nature.


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Sculptor, installation and interdisciplinary artist
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2 Responses to Infinitesimal – wall drawings

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  2. Hi Me and my girlfriend Martha Kate helped with the techniacal side for this exhibition, thanks for the experience!

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