New Cosmological Drawings

This drawing tries to encode the idea of a loop of consciousness proposed by physicists like Erwin Schodinger, John Wheeler and David Bohm, the idea that the universe has somehow given rise to structures or patterns so complex (us) that these structures (we) have created second order patterns with which to mirror the universe back on itself (art, science, myth). So this drawing tries to give a sense of  the universe looking back at us looking at it so that the external and the internal worlds are fused.

I generated The CAD drawing below by intuitive geometry, a little arithmetic was used to provide the orbital distances. It came partly out of my conversations about the multiverse with astrophysicists Bernard Carr and Robert Priddey and to me it has a sense of a boundlessly creative field or matrix with possible worlds emerging at the points of concretion. I also see it as a diagram of being, with locations of being represented by the centres of the nets and connections between them spinning off in spiral vectors. there are vague interstices between them not quite of their geometry but not too far off. Crystal diffraction is much on my mind at the moment as I am shortlisted for a sculpture at St John’s College, Oxford to commemorate chemist John Kendrew and his Nobel Prize for determining the stucture of myoglobin with x-ray crystallography.

Sky, revolve not without me; moon, shine not without me;
earth travel not without me, and time, go not without me.
With you this world is joyous, and with you that world is joyous;
in this world dwell not without me, and to that world depart not without me.


“Grace fills empty spaces, but it can only enter where there is a void to receive it”

Simone Weil

Levitas-Gravitas Where is Happiness?

Is it in the green bud bursting from the withered bark?
Is it in the sun-flash of an ice-silhouetted winter tree?
Is it locked in the liquid glimmer of her eye?

Is it in Lord Surya burning away the morning mist?
Is it in the Pleiades glittering in a jewelled night sky?
Is it in those intimate enfoldments,
Of blood mingling blood in new life’s start?

Is it in the air breathed through the lung’s inverted tree,
In the rustling telegraph tautening gut, limb and brain?
Is it in the folding, curling proteins in muscles, nerves, blood?

Is it in the life-seeding stellar winds?
In the slowly widening drift of space?
Is it in the vibrant crystal’s pulsing atoms,
The infinitesimal flux at the bottom of matter,
The zero pivot of infinite density?
Is it in the 10 to-the-minus 43 on the day of creation?

Or is it in the diurnal flicker of life’s fleeting span?


About simeonnelson

Sculptor, installation and interdisciplinary artist
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