ANIMA MUNDI – The World Ensouled

ANIMA MUNDI – The World Ensouled

This participatory tour of Simeon Nelson’s Studio articulated in conversation with psychologist Monia Brizzi will offer an experiential opportunity of reconnecting to the heart of matter and be restored to the world of sense by the mystery and nourishment of things.

Saturday 22 June
15:00 to 18.00
Studio 1, Acava Studios 1-15 Cremer Street, London
E2 8HD Opposite Hoxton Station
Contact Monia Brizzi to reserve a place:
tel: 07737 82188

See Flyer

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Diaspora Coalescence back in the studio

IMG_3085 IMG_3086 IMG_3087 IMG_3091 IMG_3093 IMG_3094 IMG_3095 IMG_3096 IMG_3097 IMG_3098

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Systems of Romance


Systems of Romance 2012

algorithmic and modular sculpture
and video by simeon nelson
10 july to 11 august 2012

KickArts Contemporary Arts | Cairns, Australia
Simeon Nelson presents Plenum, an HD video work in the Gallery 1 Void space, and
sculptures from his Paratekton series and the modular sculptural system, Relicário.


Simeon Nelson dedicates Systems of Romance to Monia Brizzi in gratitude for her transformative effect on his thinking and his life.

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“New Directions in Complexity, Equipping Religious Leadership in an Age of Science”

cosmologyI attended this Templeton Funded workshop hosted by Durham University with psychologist Monia Brizzi  in January 2013.

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Lux Scientia, A European Constellation

July-November 2011

9-13 August, Skyway ’11, Torun, Poland
22-25 September, Valgus Festival Tallinn, Estonia
17-20 November, Lumiere, Durham

I am one of three international artists working with Artichoke, a London based commissioning agency on a tripartite exhibition in the UK, Poland and Estonia. It is jointly curated by Mario Caeiro a Lisbon based curator and Helen Marriage, co-director of Artichoke. Support has been provided by the EU Culture Fund to realise the project.

Three light festivals in UK, Poland and Estonia will play host to three commissioned pieces, each exploring the scientific and aesthetic aspects of light. Three artists,  Simeon Nelson (UK), Dominik Lejman (Poland) and Leonardo Meigas (Estonia), will create the installations, which will be developed with the three cities in mind, and rebuilt within site-specific contexts at each festival.

Lux Scientia will be curated to address academic and public audiences. Lux Scientia intends to foster scientific and cultural dialogues. The festivals will partner with academic institutions to develop a symposium at each festival. Each symposium will bring together the public, scientists, cultural experts and artists. The content of the symposiums will be realised as the artworks develop, which offers an alternative to the perceived formal nature of scientific discussions.

I am developing a computer based architectural projection in collaboration with Nick Rothwell and Rob Godman. It is a development of an ongoing project first shown in 2010 –
Lux Scientia
Plenum (moon, mind, matter)

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Travessa de Ermida gallery, Belém, Portugal
Curated by Mario Caeiro
September 10th    to October 25th
Vernissage, 10 September

I am building a major new installation for Vicente, at the Travessa de Ermida gallery, Belém, Portugal
Entitled Relicario it will be situated apse of Ermida gallery, a deconsecrated church and it  dedicates a contemporary reliquary to Saint Vincent, patron saint of Lisbon. In this sculptural evocation, the object is a modular system synthesizing ornamental geometry, Christian spirituality and industrial design make corporeal the immateriality of the religious myth.
My work for this exhibition has been generously funded by the University of Hertfordshire.
VICENTE press release

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Anarchy in the Organism



Wellcome Trust funded Artist Residency at the UCLH Cancer Centre, London
March 2011 to March 2012.

I have been awarded a £30,000 Wellcome Trust Grant to create an artwork on cancer as a complex system at the new UCH Macmillan Cancer Centre, London. This research involves collaboration with complexity theorists, oncologists, laboratory staff and cancer patients. The work will take place from April 2011 to April 2012. The outcomes will be an exhibition, a book and a public symposium with contributions from a range of scientific and cultural thinkers.

Please go to this url for information and updates on progress

Oncopolis, pen and pencil on A4 drafting paper, 2011

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